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SubjectRe: Device-mapper submission for 2.4
On Tue, Dec 09, 2003 at 11:46:13PM +0000, Paul Jakma wrote:
> This leaves 2.4 LVM1 users with a /huge/ leap to take if they wish to
> test 2.6. Backward compatibility is awkward because of the DM tools
> issue (need both old and new installed and some way to pick at boot,
> or manually setup LVM), and you're ruling out the other option of
> adding forwards compatibility to 2.4.
> This isnt a new fs which 2.4 users wont be using, its an existing
> feature that has been reworked during 2.5 and is now incompatible in
> 2.6 with 2.4. More over, its a feature on which access to data
> depends.

Just apply the patch if you're for some reason terrified of 2.6.

-- wli
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