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SubjectRe: 2.7 (future kernel) wish
Rob Love wrote:
> On Sat, 2003-12-27 at 22:03, Jim Crilly wrote:
>>Generally it just complains that you pulled out the device prematurely,
>>I've never seen one give a STOP error from that but I guess a bad driver
>>or USB controller could cause anything.
> It would be pretty easy to screw things up if you pull out a device in
> the middle of use.
>>When you insert a device like a USB stick Windows puts a little icon
>>next to the clock in the system tray that you're supposed to use to stop
>>the device before pulling it, effectively it unmounts and stops (or
>>atleast releases the device from) the driver so the device can be
>>'safely' removed.
> This is useful, and something I think we need on the Linux desktop (stay
> tuned).

I agree, that's one of the reasons I posted at all. Little things like
this can make a big difference, even though I've seen a lot of users not
notice the little icon and have to be told about it.

Maybe when the icon appears have a tool-tip that pops up and says
something like "your USB device is ready for user at /mnt/usb, click
here when you're done" or something like that to make it more noticable
that they shouldn't just yank it.

But I seem to be getting OT for this list...

>>I also believe Windows mounts any removable device
>>synchronously so that if you do pull it out prematurely the damage done
>>is limited.
> Eww, I hope not, that would be excruciatingly slow. It might adjust the
> buffer writeback to be really short (even nearly immediate) but
> synchronous I/O is a different story, and much slower.
> Rob Love

Perhaps synchronous was the wrong term =) But it does atleast seem to do
less buffering for removable devices or I could just be fooled by
something else slowing it down.
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