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SubjectRe: panic in bttv_risc_planar
Dec 26 17:59:08 grinch kernel: Unable to handle kernel paging request at virtual address c4bea00c
Dec 26 17:59:08 grinch kernel: printing eip:
Dec 26 17:59:08 grinch kernel: c0333f60
and yet ...
> 0xc0333f63 <bttv_risc_planar+579>: mov %eax,(%ecx)
> 0xc0333f65 <bttv_risc_planar+581>: add %edx,0x5c(%esp,1)

Mmm. you *sure* nothing else changed? You didn't take out -O2 when you
put in -g or change the config file at all or anything?


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