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    SubjectRe: 2.6.0-mjb1
    >> I'd be very interested in feedback from anyone willing to test on any
    >> platform, however large or small.
    > It's working perfectly for me: in fact it's what I'm running right now.
    > I'm running it on an Asus M3700N laptop...
    > Any tests you want me to do, just e-mail asking them.

    Cool - thanks. It probably doesn't get as much testing under memory
    pressure as it should on laptop-sized systems (though I do my best on
    my own boxes). I'd be interested to see how it performs for people on
    desktop/laptops compared to virgin 2.6.0 - objrmap pays a little during
    pageout for what it gains during regular usage. Just regular desktop
    workload stuff, but measuring performance can be somewhat subjective
    unless you have a more formal (and artificial) test. As long as it's
    tangibly worse, that's fine.

    Or if people are bored, and want something functional to test ... ;-)
    Fiddle with some of the new config options, eg turn on 4/4 split or
    2/2 split, or HZ=100, kgdb, kcg, schedstat, etc. Early printk is
    interesting too, but harder to test - you really need to make it
    lock up before console_init somehow (adding a BUG() or something).



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