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Subjectallow process or user to listen on priviledged ports?

don't blame me for asking such a question in the LKML, but i already
asked it in other linux-newsgroups. i haven't got any real answer yet.

my problem is, that i want an application to listen on a priviledged
port (e.g. port 80) and to run as a "normal" unpriviledged user (e.g.
wwwrun). Well - how? The application is not a C/C++-application, so i
cannot ask the author (myself) to implement a mechanism to switch the
userid (e.g. like apache does it).

So is there any machanism to bind that permission (to listen on a
priviledged tcp-port) to a specific user or a specific process?

The application is written in Java. Of course Java could implement
userid-switching, but the linux could also have an ACL for that. So
please don't answer with "go and ask Sun for that feature". I already
considered that.


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