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    SubjectRe: DevFS vs. udev
    Ian Kent <> wrote:
    > However, if Andrew wants it gone from the kernel there is no point.

    I do not. devfs shall remain in 2.6 and shall continue to be supported.

    Richard has disappeared but Andrey Borzenkov understands devfs well and
    performed valuable work on it during 2.5 development.

    Nor would I recommend that devfs be removed early from 2.7.x. We should
    wait until the proposed udev/sysfs solutions have matured in 2.6 and have
    proven themselves in the field. Only then will we be in a position to
    confirm that devfs can be removed without causing some people unacceptable
    levels of grief. There is no rush.

    And yes, there are architectural/cleanliness issues with devfs. In 2.5
    Adam Richter totally reinventing devfs's internals, basing it around the
    ramfs infrastructure. If we elect to retain devfs in 2.8 then that effort
    should be resurrected.

    Now would be a good time for someone to feed the whole thing through indent

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