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    SubjectRe: [OT] Re: SCO's infringing files list
    On Tue, 2003-12-23 at 18:56, Thomas Zehetbauer wrote:
    > You should however realize that SCO has succeeded in diverting a large
    > amount of attention from the further development of Linux to their
    > pointless claims. Although I have to admit that I do myself find their
    > statements quite amusing we should watch out to avoid spending too much
    > time with their claims.

    Well maybe, but people like me who aren't actual kernel developers are
    doing our part to help track this stuff down. Groklaw is helping,
    basically the entire community is contributing. We as a community only
    know so much however, we can find files but only the original developers
    know who did what really.

    > If there is a conspiracy going on against Linux they have not only found
    > a major weakness in the development process but also a company and
    > unwary investors to exploit it. While their claims would only affect
    > some rather unimportant people (CEO, legal department) in a traditional
    > company they have succeeded to distract many of the core developers from
    > their usual focus.

    Yes they can try to exploit end users the same way they have exploited
    the press, the only problem is its not working. Linux users know this
    is total BS, but the press our the ones who spread SCO's lies. SCO
    knows the trial isn't for over a year and so they are using the press to
    wage their war. The success of Linux isn't in the press, it's in the
    code, and that isn't lost on anyone I don't think. Cheer up, 2.6 was
    just released, I don't think anything has slowed down, except this list
    is a little bit quiet due to the holidays, but thats nothing new :)

    Merry Christmas!


    > Just my .02c - comments welcome!
    > Regards
    > Tom

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