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SubjectRe: [OT] use of patented algorithms in the kernel ok or not?
On Mon, 2003-12-22 at 09:50, John Bradford wrote:
> Quote from Jamie Lokier <>:
> > That's why I said it's uncharted territory. We don't know how safe it
> > is to publish code that *doesn't do anything* but does embody a
> > patented technique *only if the recipient deliberately modifies the
> > code*.
> Look at the MTD code.

For examples of source code distribution in a patented area, look at
MPEG4 projects, particularly MPEG4IP. has source code under a variety of
licenses including GPL, and the front page has the following disclaimer:
"This code is not intended for end users, and does not contain
executables. Please read all the legal information to determine if it is
suitable for you."

The project was started by Cisco, who likely did some legal research
first. Cisco, however, have the resources to see off frivolous lawsuits,
while individual developers do not.

- Adrian Cox

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