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SubjectRe: Is there still at 2TB limit?
>>>>> "Dale" == Dale Amon <> writes:

Dale> On Sun, Dec 21, 2003 at 11:14:06AM +0100, Jose Luis Domingo
Dale> Lopez wrote:
>> You will also need filesystems that support that big sizes and can
>> hold big files on them, have a look at the following URL for more
>> information:

Dale> Thanks. I notice the notes there are quite old. Are there
Dale> libraries available now that work with LFS?

Yes. Most glibc are distributed compiled with _LARGEFILE64 support.

See also
I haven't got around to updating for 2.6.0, but the 2.5 notes still

Dr Peter Chubb peterc AT
The technical we do immediately, the political takes *forever*
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