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Subjectloop driver, device-mapper and crypto
Hello Andrew,

again I've read that there are problems with the loop driver in the
kernel with block device backing.

In 2.6 we have a device-mapper which does such things in a much more
generic way. I've already talked to a bunch of people working on loop
and cryptoloop (also with Clemens Fruhwirth, the cryptoloop maintainer)
and they all agreed that device-mapper is probably the most correct way
to go, and would be happier if the loop driver was used for files only.

I've written a device-mapper target "dm-crypt" some month ago which uses
cryptoapi and is compatible with cryptoloop. I never got much feedback,
some people tested it and found it to work just fine while cryptoloop
didn't, back then, when the test-series started or so.

Unfortunately I never got much public support on LKML itself and was
mostly ignored. And I'm not a politician...

Well, I just talked to Joe Thornber (again, he helped me developing the
patch) and he wrote:

> I'm happy to take the dm-crypt stuff into my unstable tree. I don't
> think you'll get it into the kernel unless you get the cryptoloop
> people to publically (ie. on lkml) support you.

Well, you see, I'm a sort of difficult situation here. I would really be
happy to hear what you think of it, if it's worth to invest more energy
or not.

The target is currently a single file and makes use of dm-daemon.c from
Joe's current device-mapper patchset where the snapshot, mirror and
multpath targets are being developed.

The two patches (dm-daemon and the actual dm-crypt) are following.

A short introduction how to use the target:

Christophe Saout <>
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