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SubjectRe: memory hotremove prototype, take 3

> Pavel Machek wrote:
> > hotunplug seems cool... How do you deal with kernel data structures in
> > memory "to be removed"? Or you simply don't allow kmalloc() to
> > allocate there?
> You guessed right. Hot removeable memory can only be allocated
> for uses that we can easily re-allocate. So kmalloc() etc. have
> to get memory from some area that we promise not to ever try to
> remove.

IMHO, To hot-remove memory, memory attribute should be divided
into Hotpluggable and no-Hotpluggable, and each attribute memory
should be allocated each unit(ex. node).

(I posted the following mail 2 month ago.)

Now, I'm making a Memory hot-ADD trial patch, but it don't work yet.
(Kernel panic when memory enable command is executed.)
After this patch will work, I will post it again.


Yasunori Goto <ygoto at>
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