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    SubjectRe: 2.6-test11 framebuffer Matrox
    Michael Hunold wrote:
    > Hello Steffen,
    >> My Matrox-framebuffer is not working properly. Build direct into the
    >> kernel, the monitor will be black with some stripes at startup, just the
    >> reset button works.
    >> Build as a modules, the same happens if I load the module.
    > All I can say is "me, too". 8-(
    >> Steffen
    > Can somebody definately say if "matroxfb" is working for 2.6? I haven't
    > tested it for a while, but I was surprised to find it non-working in 2.6...

    The matrox framebuffer works with 2.6.0-test11 and a matrox G550.
    This is statically compiled, with smp and preempt.

    It dies if I use fbcon + the ruby patch (for multiple keyboard support) though.
    So something is wrong - this patch changes the console but not the fb driver
    so it isn't supposed to crash. I guess there's some problem with the driver
    that gets triggered only in some circumstances.

    Helge Hafting

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