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    SubjectLinux 2.4.24-pre1: Instant reboot
    Hi Marcelo, et al,

    Just wanted to report an instantaneous reboot problem with 2.4.24-pre1.

    I don't even see any printk's to the screen; as soon as LILO is finished
    loading the new kernel, the screen blanks and the BIOS goes through its
    boot sequence again. Since I seem to be the only one reporting this to
    LKML, I suspect I'll have to back out various patches to try to track
    this down. :-P

    I'm using the same .config as in 2.4.23 with new questions left at their
    defaults (e.g. XFS=n, OOM_KILLER=n). I've had no problems with this
    otherwise rock-stable platform for all varieties of 2.4.x, save for some
    early USB EHCI issues long ago.

    At work now, so I don't have a full .config handy, but:
    * Slackware 8.1 based; glibc 2.2.5; gcc 2.95.3
    * Soltek SL-75DRV2 (UP, Athlon XP 1700, VIA KT266A [VT8366A/VT8233])
    * Root = ext3 on IDE partition
    * DevFS, DevPTS, IDE-SCSI=cdrom0, USBStorage, USB EHCI, VFAT
    * RadeonFB, IPTables, Realtek-8139
    Everything else in .config is pretty vanilla (e.g. Linus defaults or


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