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SubjectRe: [CFT][RFC] HT scheduler

Rusty Russell wrote:

>In message <> you write:
>>Rusty Russell wrote:
>>>In message <> you write:
>>>>Thanks for having a look Rusty. I'll try to convince you :)
>Actually, having produced the patch, I've changed my mind.
>While it was spiritually rewarding to separate "struct runqueue" into
>the stuff which was to do with the runqueue, and the stuff which was
>per-cpu but there because it was convenient, I'm not sure the churn is
>worthwhile since we will want the rest of your stuff anyway.

OK nice, I haven't heard any other objections. I'll be trying to get
this included in 2.6, so if anyone doesn't like it please speak up.

>It (and lots of other things) might become worthwhile if single
>processors with HT become the de-facto standard. For these, lots of
>our assumptions about CONFIG_SMP, such as the desirability of per-cpu
>data, become bogus.
>A few things need work:
>1) There's a race between sys_sched_setaffinity() and
> sched_migrate_task() (this is nothing to do with your patch).

Yep. They should both take the task's runqueue lock.

>2) Please change those #defines into an enum for idle (patch follows,
> untested but trivial)

Thanks, I'll take the patch.

>3) conditional locking in load_balance is v. bad idea.

Yeah... I'm thinking about this. I don't think it should be too hard
to break out the shared portion.

>4) load_balance returns "(!failed && !balanced)", but callers stop
> calling it when it returns true. Why not simply return "balanced",
> or at least "balanced && !failed"?

No, the idle balancer stops calling it when it returns true, the periodic
balancer sets idle to 0 when it returns true.

!balanced && !failed means it has moved a task.

I'll either comment that, or return it in a more direct way.

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