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Subjectrequest: capabilities that allow users to drop privileges further
I would like to be able to drop capabilities that every normal user has,
so that network servers can limit the impact of possible future security
problems further. For example, I want my non-cgi web server to be able
to drop the capabilities to

* fork
* execve
* ptrace
* load kernel modules
* mknod
* write to the file system

and I would like to modify my smtpd to not be able to

* fork
* execve
* ptrace
* load kernel modules
* mknod

I can kludge around some of these, for example I can disable fork with
resource limits, and I can limit writing to the file system with chroot
and proper permissions in the file systems, but I'm not aware of a way
to disable ptrace for example, or pthread_create.

I know that there are patches to provide an extended "jail" chroot
support, but being able to drop capabilities like this would be a more
general solution.

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