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    SubjectRe: RFC - tarball/patch server in BitKeeper
    > I've prototyped an extension to BitKeeper that provides tarballs
    > and patches. The idea is to make it possible for all trees hosted by
    > provide access to the data with a free client (included below
    > in prototype form).
    > The system is simplistic, it just provides a way to get the most recent
    > sources as a tarball and then any later updates as a patch. There is
    > no provision for generating diffs, editing files, merging, etc. All of
    > that is something that you can write, if you want, using standard tools
    > (think hard linked trees).
    > Before rolling this out, I want to know if this is going to (finally)
    > put to rest any complaints about BK not being open source, available on
    > all platforms, etc. You need to understand that this is all you get,
    > we're not going to extend this so you can do anything but track the most
    > recent sources accurately. No diffs. No getting anything but the most
    > recent version. No revision history.
    > If you want anything other than the most recent version your choices
    > are to use BitKeeper itself or, if you want the main branches of the
    > Linux kernel, the BK2CVS exports. This is not a gateway product, it
    > is a way for developers to track the latest and greatest with a free
    > (source based) client. It is not a way to convert BK repos to $SCM.
    > If the overwhelming response is positive then I'll add this to the
    > server and perhaps eventually to the BK product itself.

    That looks very cool to me at least - I'd find it helpful, I think.
    Thank you.

    One thing that I've wished for in the past which looks like it *might*
    be trivial to do is to grab a raw version of the patch you already
    put out in HTML format, eg if I surf down changesets and get to a page
    like this:|ChangeSet@-2w|cset@1.1522

    except it got html formatted, so I can't play with it easily. Is there
    any way to provide the raw format of that? If not, or you don't want to,
    no problem - would just be convenient. This isn't a open source vs not
    issue, it's just I often want one fix without the whole tree, and it'd
    be a convenient place to grab it.

    > * Licensed under the NWL - No Whining License.
    > *
    > * You may use this, modify this, redistribute this provided you agree:
    > * - not to whine about this product or any other products from BitMover, Inc.
    > * - that there is no warranty of any kind.
    > * - retain this copyright in full.



    PS. If you could possibly generate the diffs with -p, whether you supply
    them in raw format or not, it'd make them easier to read.

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