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SubjectRe: 2.4 vs 2.6
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On Saturday 13 December 2003 9:01 pm, coderman wrote:
> Jan Rychter wrote:
> >So, as for me, 2.6 is a definite no-no. I see no advantage whatsoever
> > in running it, it caused me nothing but pain, and there is no
> > improvement that I could see that would justify the upgrade.
> >
> >So please be careful when making statements like that. 2.6 is *NOT*
> >stable enough nor ready enough for people to use it, unless those
> > people have a narrow range of hardware on which the 2.6 kernel has
> > actually been tested (translation: they have the same hardware as the
> > main developers do).
> For every person who has problems with 2.6, there are probably 2 others
> who have none, and enjoy the benefits of the new features. 2.6 works
> great for me, and one a number of hardware configurations including:
Somehow, working for 2/3, or even 75% of cases is less than encouraging
to me.

Especially if I must not only set up boxes that I may not touch
physically for days, weeks, etc. Or I suggest which kernel for other
people to use, due to security fixes (which, iirc, not all 2.4 fixes have
been forward ported yet), features, etc.

2.6 is... getting there. and I DO much appreciate the work of the
developers. But with devfs deprecated, udev still coming into its own
(Nice work GregKG btw); with the myriad of (user visible) input layer
changes; the change in focus on initrds (it used to be a nice thing that
only serious people use. Now, although still optional, it is now becoming
much more important). Or mebbe consider that the last time I tried to
install the new modutils (I'm blaming my distro vendor for this), it
broke my 2.4 modutils, requiring me to boot with init=/bin/sh and fix it

Sure. little things, but altogether, they add up to a lot more work to

> 2.6 may not be usable for you, but this has no bearing on the utility
> of the branch for others. I have noticed benefits (mainly prempt,
> IPSEC, and the IDE device handling) which make it very worthwhile.
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