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    SubjectLinux, Inc. (Re: Linux GPL and binary module exception clause?)

    How about a charter orgainization called Linux, Inc. or The Linux
    Foundation ?

    CEO Linus Torvalds <aka ph> :-)
    fill in the blanks.
    CSA me <chief smart arse>

    Now Linux, Inc is designed to regulate the commerial use of Linux and
    defend the legal causes and actions of the kernel. Everything has a cost.
    Any company, organization, country, or what ever is required to pay 10% of
    gross sales associated with products ship with Linux kernel inside,

    Big Storage Companies
    Big Box builders
    Big Appliance Builders
    blah blah ....
    Set Top boxes

    Anybody who sells a product w/ the Linux Kernel as its base.

    Now all the FSF/GPL supporting user space applications can go see FSF and
    company because I do not give a damn about there issues. They are l^Huser

    Now this allows for commerial adoption and commerial licnesing of Linux.
    If this offer and idea is rejected then it proves the lack of seriousness
    in the original goals of "world domination".

    10% of Redhat,SuSE(Novell),Mandrake,Conectiva,UnitedLinux,...
    10% of EMC,HP,IBM,Dell,Intel,...
    10% of CGL people,...
    10% of Rackable,Google,...
    10% of the little guys ...

    Now what to do with the money.

    Hire really good SHARKS and ACCOUNTANTS ...
    Fund and promote opensource development like a foundation ...
    Yeah it starts to look like a business and that is what Linux needs.

    Yeah, this is to simple and easy of an idea.


    Andre Hedrick
    LAD Storage Consulting Group

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