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SubjectRe: [CFT][RFC] HT scheduler
>> w26 does ALL this, while sched.o is 3K smaller than Ingo's shared 
>> runqueue
>> patch on NUMA and SMP, and 1K smaller on UP (although sched.c is 90 lines
>> longer). kernbench system time is down nearly 10% on the NUMAQ, so it
>> isn't
>> hurting performance either.
> Hackbench performance on the NUMAQ is improved by nearly 50% at large
> numbers of tasks due to a better scaling factor (which I think is slightly
> "more" linear too). It is also improved by nearly 25% (4.08 vs 3.15) on
> OSDLs 8 ways at small number of tasks, due to a better constant factor.
> And yeah hackbench kills the NUMAQ after about 350 rooms. This is due to
> memory shortages. All the processes are getting stuck in shrink_caches,
> get_free_pages, etc.

Can you dump out the values of /proc/meminfo and /proc/slabinfo at that
point, and we'll see what's killing her?



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