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Subjectproblem building multiple kernels with correct version numbers

I am still relatively new at kernel builds, but I have done a google
search and tried to follow the process of: make distclean dep vmlinux
modules modules_install

I have source trees for:

Somehow the kernel version in the core Makefile is always: VERSION 2,

When I try to run my prebuilt kernels, the kernelversion info (uname
-r) is 2.4.23-pre5-ben0
I can't update this value in the Makefile without it getting written
over from somewhere during the make dep vmlinux process.

i) Where should I put in the kernel source tree an explicit source
number for the kernel I'm building?

ii) Is there a tool to explicitly set a version string inside a vmlinux

iii) originally, I was just copying configuration information by
copying .config files from one source directory to another and
rebuilding. Did I somehow copy kernel version information withit?

iv) is there an option inside make menuconfig to set the kernel's
version number?

v) when I do a make modules_install, must I already be running the
vmlinux kernel made for it? It seems to always copy to

I was using Set version information on all module symbols in Loadable
module support. Could this have somehow set a kernel version file (if
such exists) somewhere?

Should I just erase all of my source trees and start over from scratch?
Do I need to be running a built kernel to run make_install to update
/lib/modules for the kernel I've just built?

I am using Yellowdog linux (ppc) 3.01

I do not subscribe to this forum due to heavy traffic but will watch it
from the website versions.

Thank you!


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