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SubjectRE: Linux GPL and binary module exception clause?
Le mer 10/12/2003 à 23:59, Andre Hedrick a écrit :
> Ingo,
> I suggest asking FSF how they play with GPL+another license.
> They will tell you GPL can not co-exist, period.

Think of it as a fork.
I own a piece of code I just made. So far I can license it the way I
want, OK ?
So I fork it, license one branch under the GPL and license the other
branch under a proprietary license. Voilà, it's dual-licensed !
When integrated to the linux kernel, it's technically fully GPLed, even
if called "proprietary/GPL" in the header file.

Of course, contributors to my work are free to tell me "I want my
patches to your code only for the GPL version", but generally they
won't, so I can integrate them back to the proprietary code. Pending
good legal advice, of course.

It it clearer ?


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