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SubjectRe: TSO and netfilter (Re: Extremely slow network with e1000 & ip_conntrack)
On Thu, 11 Dec 2003 12:03:15 +0100
Harald Welte <> wrote:

> The only interesting case is in ip_output.c:ip_queue_xmit(), where
> tso_size and tso_segs are calculated, before NF_IP_LOCAL_OUT is run.
> But changing the content or the size of the tcp payload should not
> affect those calculations.

It changes at least tso_segs, since if you decrease of increase the
size of the payload the number of real TCP/IP packets the TSO engine
will end up spitting out could be different.

The one netfilter module I'm most concerned about is the one that
handles non-passive FTP, I remember that one did strange things with
the data stream, removed TCP options, and stuff like that.

> A real problem would be resizing the TCP header (where th.doff is
> affected). But I cannot think of any case where any of the current
> netfilter/iptables/conntrack/nat code does that.

As mentioned above, I thought the netfilter module handling non-passive
FTP stripped TCP options.

> Even in the past, when
> we used to remove SACKPERM from the tcp header, we just NOP'ed it out
> instead of resizing the header.

This may be what I was thinking about.

> > Another area for inspection are the cases where TCP header bits are
> > changed and thus the checksum needs to be adjusted.
> Why is this a problem? The netfilter code has to adjust the checksum
> anyway... or is the checksum calculation for TSO-enabled skb's
> different?

Currently all the TSO supporting drivers set the ip and tcp header
checksum values themselves as appropriate, so there are no worries in
this area.
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