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SubjectRe: Driver API (was Re: Linux GPL and binary module exception clause?)
>>>>> "Jason" == Jason Kingsland <> writes:

Jason> Hannu Savolainen writes:
>> Even better would be a proper device driver ABI for "loosely
>> integrated" device drivers.

Jason> Peter Chubb writes:

>> One of the things we're working on here is an ABI to allow device
>> drivers to live in user space, by enabling access to interrupts and

Jason> This is already available via a commercial product.


Yes I know, I read their web page, and if cross-platform compatibility
is what you want it looks a nice way to go. They didn't publish any
performance figures (at least, not where I could find), and
they're binary only,

There's also the LinuxAnt stuff: that, for
Wireless cards at least, provides a Windows ABI for standard NDIS
drivers; and Hunt et al's work on Windows

Dr Peter Chubb peterc AT
The technical we do immediately, the political takes *forever*

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