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SubjectRe: Fixes for nforce2 hard lockup, apic, io-apic, udma133 covered
On Thu, 2003-12-11 at 10:12, Ross Dickson wrote:
> On Thursday 11 December 2003 21:47, Ian Kumlien wrote:
> Thanks Ian
> Also many thanks for pointing out the relevant section to look in with the AMD
> cpu link that you sent - Credit where credit is due (assuming we are both on the
> right track).

Heh, thanks, feels nice to have someone who agrees with you =).

> I had a read and refined your surmisings. I think the
> problem appears synchronous with the apic timer because of two reasons.
> 1) any apic irq can cause re-connection of the system bus after disconnect.
> 2) the apic timer irq in my examinations has the shortest path to an ack.
Page 42 and 94 might help as well. I haven't grasped it all or had any
food yet but i hope i'm right =)

> I also had a look back through the athlon cooler and power management
> postings and web site articles. I was blissfully ignorant of these issues when I
> started and now I wonder what I have stepped into... Yuk

Heh, yeah, the need for disconnect is somewhat dodgy, i haven't read up
on th rest.

> I submitted a support request to AMD, apologies for not cc'ing you, I kept
> the cc's down to just nvidia and the mailing list. If you have not seen it yet
> then it is here


> We hope....


Ian Kumlien <pomac () vapor ! com> --
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