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SubjectRe: computer hangs with 2.4.23 (2.4.22 works)
On Tue, 9 Dec 2003, James Bourne wrote:

>On Tue, 9 Dec 2003, Tuukka Toivonen wrote:
>> Computer hangs after few hours of uptime

>You have CONFIG_IP_NF_COMPAT_IPCHAINS as a module, are you using ipchains

Yes indeed I am.

>and see if that makes a difference for you. It contains the ipchains compat
>oops amoung other patches.

Looks like this patch fixed the problem. Since I applied this patch two
days ago, the computer hasn't crashed (yesterday or today).


I can't get this link to work... but I don't then need it.

Some more facts which clearly point into ipchains problem:
This computer has two network cards, another connected to the Internet,
another to a laptop. The ipchains is used to allow the laptop to access
Internet. The laptop generally doesn't do that, except at 13:00 when a cron
job runs ntpdate, and now that I think it, the crash happened probably
every day soon after 13:00 (but not exactly, I believe).


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