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SubjectPPP over ttyUSB (visor.o, Treo)
	Hello @subscribers,

does anybody have working PPP over ttyUSB device in 2.6 kernels?
When I connect the Handspring Treo to the 2.6.0-test11 machine,
I am able to synchronize it, but not to run PPP to it (it can work
as modem). I am able to dial the modem connection using AT commands,
but I am not able to run PPP over it. Firstly the chat(1) program
complains about not being able to get terminal attributes (TCGETATTR,
from strace output), and then pppd(8) complains about not being able
to set terminal attributes (TCSETATTR from the strace output).
In 2.4 the same setup works OK.

Any hints? (Kernel config and other details are available
on request). Thanks,


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