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SubjectRéf. : [Linux-usb-users] Re: USB/HID UPS issue ( was Re: USB scanner issue)

Hi Reg,

> I havent anything to add to your comments, except to make sure you saw
> my comments about USB/HID problems that I have encountered with a UPS.
> Since the message was short, I reproduce it here:

Fine as I seem to have missed it.


> (1) When doing a read to get hiddev_event structures, 2.4 only
> gave the 'real' events from the device that one expected.
> Under 2.6.0-testx there are several ZERO event structures/sec
> where the entire structure is ZERO, both hid and value.
> For the current code there may be a 'real' event every few
> seconds, and 5-10 of these zero events/sec. I have no
> idea where they are coming from.

I have logged this in bugzilla for some times, but didn't had
time to go deeper (
Eric Penner also added:

> (2) In one thread the code does a select, followed by a read if
> data is available. If one just 'falls thru' to the read with
> the few lines of code it takes to do the checking, one gets
> up to 45000 messages/minute (750/sec) reading:
> kernel: drivers/usb/input/hid-core.c: control queue full
> If one puts a 1/10sec sleep between these two commands, the
> error messages go away.
>Anyone know anything about either of these errors?
>Or how to report them to the USB people if you cant post to the USB lists?

About the "control queue full", Vojtech once made a patch (I should still have
it somewhere. If you want to test it, tell me so...)

Lastly, the best way to report is still to mail to usd-users and usb-devel
lists. Otherwise, the above mentionned Linux' bugzilla is a good way too.


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