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SubjectRe: NFS errors in 2.6
På on , 10/12/2003 klokka 21:19, skreiv Miles Bader:

> Hmmm; I did a packet-trace on the 2.4.23 traffic for the same user
> command, and it doesn't use READDIRPLUS at all (does 2.4.23 not support
> NFS V3, or does it just use a different algorithm for reading
> directories?), so maybe the server's just broken. Gah...

The 2.4.23 NFSv3 client does not support READDIRPLUS without extra
patches, so that would explain why you haven't seen the problem before.

Note, though, that those patches have been around for almost 3 years,
and have been tested pretty extensively against Solaris servers. I've
never seen any reports of this particular problem before.

If you'd like to try the 2.4.23 readdirplus patches, then you can find
them as part of

however as I said; given your ethereal dump, I suspect something is
screwed on the server itself...

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