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SubjectHow to publish arp info correctly?
If we declare an IP address to be published ie. arp -v -i eth0 -Ds eth0 pub
And if we do the ping the tcpdump showing that arp request
arrives but the box happily ignores it.
There is not publishing occurs, though arp cache has:

/ # arp
Address HWtype HWaddress Flags
Mask Iface
tuna ether 00:04:75:E7:1B:93
C eth0 ether 08:00:20:7D:4D:9A
C eth0 * *
MP eth0

/ # cat /proc/net/arp
IP address HW type Flags HW address Mask
Device 0x1 0x2 00:04:75:E7:1B:93 * eth0 0x1 0xc 00:00:00:00:00:00 * eth0

Could anybody please tell me is this the problem with the kernel we are
using - 2.4.22 or something else.

Thank you

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