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SubjectRe: NFS errors in 2.6
Trond Myklebust <> writes:
> > Network File System, READDIRPLUS Reply Error:ERR_INVAL
> > Program Version: 3 V3 Procedure: READDIRPLUS (17) Status:
> > ERR_INVAL (22) dir_attributes
> Interesting. That actually looks like an error on the part of your
> Solaris server. NFS3ERR_INVAL is not a valid return code for either
> READDIR or for READDIRPLUS according to RFC1813.

Hmmm; I did a packet-trace on the 2.4.23 traffic for the same user
command, and it doesn't use READDIRPLUS at all (does 2.4.23 not support
NFS V3, or does it just use a different algorithm for reading
directories?), so maybe the server's just broken. Gah...

> Is the server being kept up to scratch on the patch side?

No clue, but I suspect the answer is `sort of' (we don't have a real
sysadmin staff, but the people who take care of the servers are not
entirely clueless). I'll check on it.


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