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SubjectRE: Linux GPL and binary module exception clause?
On Wed, 2003-12-10 at 17:59, Andre Hedrick wrote:

> I suggest asking FSF how they play with GPL+another license.
> They will tell you GPL can not co-exist, period.

They cannot coexist _at the same time in the same agreement_, but a
single work can be licensed out hundreds of times in different ways.

If I hold the copyright on something, I can provide a different license
to each licensee of the product if I so choose. That is pretty common,
in fact.

The GPL and some-other-license are incompatible in the sense that you
cannot put another license on _top_ of the GPL in the _same_ licensing
agreement. But you are free to license something in the GPL _or_ BSD
_or_ some-evil-EULA, and that is what Linus et al are talking about, and
_not_ what the FSF means when they say that some license is incompatible
with the GPL.

Robert Love

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