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Subjectfloppy.c problems?
Greetings all; Slightly offtopic but maybe I can find some info here.

I have a requirement to format and use a floppy, either mechanical
size, 256 byte sector, 18 sectors per track at 250kilobaud data rate.
I have been assured that the "superio' chip on my mobo can indeed do
that format. Soooo...

I've added 4 more lines to the floppy definition array in floppy.c,
and increased the array count at the top to match, but I don't seem
to be able to get any output, its working as usual. Stuck in 512
bytes per sector modes, 9 to the track that is.

I even turned on several debugging options, but haven't found out
where the logging is going if its working. Looks like if its doing
any debugging outputs, they're being sent to /dev/null.


Secondary problem too, I have a zombie of minicom that I can't kill.
Its sleeping for disk access or some such twaddle. It always trashes
the X window cli screen I run it in, and often locks up like a piece
of MS software from 1983. Surely that thing has been cleaned up and
'sane'itized for use with x somewhere along the line. Or am I useing
the wrong comm terminal utility in the first place?

Cheers, Gene
AMD K6-III@500mhz 320M
Athlon1600XP@1400mhz 512M
99.22% setiathome rank, not too shabby for a WV hillbilly attornies please note, additions to this message
by Gene Heskett are:
Copyright 2003 by Maurice Eugene Heskett, all rights reserved.

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