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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Fix find busiest queue 2.6.0-test9
On Sun, 9 Nov 2003, Martin J. Bligh wrote:

> I think the confusing bit is this:
> this_rq->prev_cpu_load[i] = rq_src->nr_running;
> where "this_rq->prev_cpu_load[i]" doesn't intuitively look like what it
> means ;-) Even just 's/i/cpu/' would help a bit, or something (like
> wrapping it in macros). Seems it is correct as was though - thanks for
> explaining it.

Maybe something like:

* We fend off statistical fluctuations in runqueue lengths by
* saving the runqueue length (as seen by the balancing CPU) during the
* previous load-balancing operation and using the smaller one the current
* and saved lengths.

- Davide

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