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SubjectRe: FYI: My current suspend bigdiff
Pavel Machek wrote:
> Hi!
>>>Well... it could work with scsi. You can try it, but be carefull. [If
>>>it goes wrong it might eat your data.]
>>Thats why I use xfs on my main system to test... And I tried with libata
>>and it won't work as it complains that the "katad" process cannot be
>>stopped, so swsusp immediatly comes back.
> I do not know how much more support is needed to allow powermanagment
> for libata, but this one should be easy...

Uhm, Jeff already fixed it in libata using the same call. Can both fixes
"hurt" each other or are the safe?

> + if (current->flags & PF_FREEZE)
> + refrigerator(PF_IOTHREAD);

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