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Subjectabout held locks in acpi_psx_execute()

While looking at drivers/acpi/parser/psxface.c,I have noticed that the
acpi_psx_execute(0 function seems to held some structures referrenced
when an error occurs during its execution:

acpi_psx_execute (
struct acpi_namespace_node *method_node,
union acpi_operand_object **params,
union acpi_operand_object **return_obj_desc)
if (params) {
* The caller "owns" the parameters, so give each one an
* reference
for (i = 0; params[i]; i++) {
acpi_ut_add_reference (params[i]);
* 1) Perform the first pass parse of the method to enter any
* named objects that it creates into the namespace
"**** Begin Method Parse **** Entry=%p obj=%p\n",
method_node, obj_desc));
/* Create and init a Root Node */
op = acpi_ps_create_scope_op ();
if (!op) {
As you can see, acpi_psx_execute() will hold a lock for each element of
the params[] array if there's an error while invoking
acpi_ps_create_scope_op(), for example.

Is this intentional?

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