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    SubjectRe: Silicon Image 3112A SATA trouble
    Craig Bradney wrote:
    > On the topic of speeds.. hdparm -t gives me 56Mb/s on my Maxtor 80Mb 8mb
    > cache PATA drive. I got that with 2.4.23 pre 8 which was ATA100 and get
    > just a little more on ATA133 with 2.6. Not sure what people are
    > expecting on SATA.

    Serial ATA merely changes the bus, a.k.a. the interface between drive
    and system.

    This doesn't mean that the drive itself will be any faster... most
    first-gen SATA drives are just PATA drives with a new circuit board and
    new firmware. Just like some SCSI and IDE drives are exactly the same
    platters, but have differing circuit boards and connectors...


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