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SubjectRe: APM Suspend Problem
I would like to join in here. I have a Thinkpad T20 I just put 
2.6.0-test11 on and APM will only suspend properly if the power plug is
pulled out of the back (thanks for that tip, btw). With power connected,
it plays a high-low beep and turns off screen and HD without suspending
properly (and if left too long, may not come back to life).

I believe I read somewhere there is some kind of settings to override
power features when AC power is connected. Perhaps this problem is
related to that. I tried running "apm -i" and "apm -n" but it wouldn't
recognize the commands as set out in the man page.

If I stop apmd AND rmmod apm then I can suspend by closing the lid
(hardware suspend I guess) but then I have no battery monitor capability.

I tried ACPI but it would not work without =force as a kernel parameter
and when used, did not cleanly come back from a suspend.

APM worked perfectly in 2.4.20 which is what I used up to today. Are the
APM/ACPI people out there?

an interesting email on "suspend rejects" caused by kernel drivers from
a year ago or more:

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