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SubjectRe: APM Suspend Problem
On Friday 28 November 2003 07:20 pm, William Lee Irwin III wrote:
>> There is an oddity I forgot to report: it doesn't suspend when I close
>> the lid if I still have the power plugged in. Also, I tried the suspend
>> button, and it works perfectly fine here for both suspend and resume on
>> a standard LTC issue Stinkpad T21, again with the power cord proviso.

On Fri, Nov 28, 2003 at 10:38:18PM -0700, Shawn Willden wrote:
> Do you also have a PCMCIA card in the slot?
> I've always found that my Thinkpads (about three different models,
> currently a T21) will not suspend with power connected and a PCMCIA card
> in. If I remove either power or my PC cards, then closing the lids will
> trigger a suspend.
> I stumbled across something a while back that indicated this was a Thinkpad
> BIOS bug, but I have no idea if that is correct.

No, I rarely have PCMCIA cards in. Just the power cord being plugged in
is enough to break it here.

-- wli
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