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    SubjectToo soon for stable release?
    I am sorry if this offends someone or if I'm totally on the wrong track
    here, but it seems odd to actually call the Beaver On Detox "stable",
    considering the amount of misc. problems people have been having the
    last week with -test11. Since you are in schedule, a -test12 with the
    bugs fixed might be a better idea, don't you think?

    Since I'm not a coder, and havn't had any previous kernel development
    experince, I might not be the one to suggest such a thing, but I really
    don't see a reason to be hasty with the release, and end up with a
    whole bunch of users having problems.

    The weeks Linus suggested we would wait before releasing the final
    2.6.0-kernel could be a perfect time to implement the fixes that would
    be needed. Test11 is working perfectly for me, but you can clearly see
    that many people are having problems.

    Tim Cambrant <>
    GPG KeyID 0x59518702
    Fingerprint: 14FE 03AE C2D1 072A 87D0 BC4D FA9E 02D8 5951 8702
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