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    SubjectRe: NForce2 pseudoscience stability testing (2.6.0-test11)
    Julien Oster wrote:
    > writes:
    >>I have been test various kernel parameter combinations to test stability.
    > Thanks, that's quite a nice overview.
    > But something seems strange:
    > Does those two lines mean, that using ACPI, APIC and local APIC
    > enabled is stable, as long as your kernel is not an SMP kernel? If
    > yes, then I can't confirm this. I run strictly non-SMP kernels and
    > they always crash if APIC (or local APIC?) is enabled.

    I also have the same problem on an Abit NF7-S V2.0: I think I tested
    (non-SMP always) with kernel 2.6-test8 last: With Apic (and/or local
    apic) system locks up. Without it is now rock-solid with ACPI. But it
    seems to be a BIOS issue, as Windows locks up with APIC use, as well.
    Well I am using latest BIOS and hope that Abit gets this fixed...

    BTW, why would someone want an SMP kernel for a 1-CPU system?


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