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SubjectRe: Strange behavior observed w.r.t 'su' command
Raj <> writes:

> hi, i am not sure if this is a kernel problem or an 'su' related issue,
> but this is what i have observed. Tried on 2.4.20-8 ( RH 9.0 kernel ) and
> latest 2.6.0-test11.
> - log in as any normal user. ( on Console.).
> - su - root
> - from root prompt, run 'ps' and check the pid of 'su'.
> - kill -9 <pid of su>
> After the kill command, strangely my keyboard switches to unbuffered mode
> ( a key press is processed immediately ). Also, i alternate between the
> root prompt and the normal user prompt.
> Every key press switches from root prompt to normal user prompt and vice
> versa. Typing 'whoami' at the respective prompts displays 'normal user'
> and 'root' for the respective prompts.

Nothing unusual, you just have two shells competing with each other on the
terminal. Don't use kill -9 unless you know what you are doing.


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