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    SubjectRe: [2.6.0-test10] cpufreq: 2G P4M won't go above 1.2G - cpuinfo_max_freq too low
    On Thursday 27 November 2003 1:42 pm, Marco Roeland wrote:

    > > Seems that this is a fault of a better implementation of something... But
    > > "better" to me shouldn't take away choice of cpu speed from the user? ;)
    > One last straw you might try, is building all the different cpufreq
    > drivers as modules, and trying if modprobeing one of them might work.
    > They seem to all behave slightly differently with respect to what they
    > assume to be true from the ACPI reported values, and what they try on
    > their own.

    You're a star, thankyou. It was loading p4-clockmod by default. I had all the
    pentium-related modules compiled in, and it was behaving like that... dmesg
    said it was loading p4-clockmod.

    I modprobe'd speedstep-ich instead, and foom! Straight up to 2ghz.


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