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SubjectRe: Fix for "MT2032 Fatal Error: PLLs didn't lock"
On Tue, 2003-11-25 at 12:28, Subbu K. K. wrote:
> Let me poke around in the assembly code tonight to find out why the sign
> change happens on my box. I suspect this could be due to gcc/athlon
> combo.
ok. Found the error.

bttv-0.7.103 and earlier (kernel 2.4.20 and earlier) had the following
lines in two places:
mt2032_set_if_freq(c,freq* 1000*1000/16, ...
When freq is defined as int, this computation causes a sign extension
error when freq is 2244 (140.25MHz). The error disappears if
1000*1000/16 is replaced with 62500 and/or if freq is defined as
unsigned int.

Here is a simple test to surface this error:
// test with gcc -o signext signext.c && ./signext
main(int argc, char *argv[])
int s; unsigned f;

s = 2244; f = s;
printf("freq=%d rfin=%d\n", s*62500, s*1000*1000/16);
printf("freq=%d rfin=%d\n", f*62500, f*1000*1000/16);
the output shows:
freq=14025000 rfin=-128185456
freq=14025000 rfin=140250000

bttv-0.7.104+ and kernel 2.4.21+ have the fix. Still, I thought of
recording the error for those still on older kernels.

Subbu K. K.

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