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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2.6]: IPv6: strcpy -> strlcpy
On Thu, 2003-11-27 at 23:19, Russell King wrote:

> You misunderstand me. Consider the difference between:

OK, it's perfectly clear now :-)

> Note my final sentence there. Consider the following:
> char foo[256];
> strlcpy(foo, "hello", sizeof(foo);
> copy_to_user(uptr, foo, sizeof(foo));
> That ends up writing uninitialised kernel data to (unprivileged) user
> space. So would strcpy() used in that situation.
> strncpy() on the other hand, will zero the rest of the buffer (on x86
> at least) but you'll have to manually ensure that there is a terminator
> on the end. Or, you use strlcpy but memset the entire space you're
> copying the string into beforehand, which could be wasteful.
> Note: we should really fix the generic strncpy() - there are places in
> the kernel source which rely on the x86 strncpy() behaviour today (eg,
> binfmt_*.c core file generation.)

So, as I see:

1. We should fix strncpy()
2. I should replace strlcpy() with strncpy() in my patches.

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