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SubjectRe: [PATCH] irq_balance does not make sense with HT but single physical CPU
On Wed, 26 Nov 2003, Kai Bankett wrote:

> But anyways if physical_balance is set to 1 that won´t prevent anything
> from running through/sleeping in the kernel_thread-loop.
> The kernel_thread(balance_irq ...) later on will be started/will run not
> matter what physical_balance says.

Yes that only stops balancing across physical packages when there are
none. But there might be a performance improvement for light (cache
footprint wise) high frequency interrupt handling which stays affined to
one logical processor.

> Do there exist any cases where smp_siblings are created without
> HyperThreading ? (As far as I remember it´s only incremented/used on
> i386 hyperthreaded architectures - but not 100% sure)

This is all i386 specific code so we don't have to care about other
architectures in here.

> -> At least the if has to look like :
> ...
> if (smp_num_siblings > 2 && !cpus_empty(tm))
> physical_balance = 1;
> ...

smp_num_siblings won't be greater than 2 with current i386 processors,
it's not a total sibling count, but a per physical package count.
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