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SubjectRe: via kt600 based motherboard compatibility
On Nov 26, Hanasaki JiJi <> wrote:

>Asus A7V600
> - ADI AD1980 audio sound
> - eCom 3C940 gigabit ethernet
> does it have a driver?
> does it work on 10/100 too?
I bought this one two weeks ago. The gigaethernet port works well and
I'm using it at 10 Mbps half duplex with the sk98 driver. It has a built
in cable tester, but it's not supported by linux.
The sound card works too, but I had to transplant in my kernel an
updated driver from ALSA CVS. This is annoying because ALSA CVS cannot
easily be compiled standalone for a 2.6. kernel.
There are a few problems (currently being debugged) with the IDE adapter
if you do not use the APIC, be sure to enable it when building the
I have no SATA hardware, but I remember reading that the controller is

ciao, |
Marco | [3290 l'48jB9jyWEdM]
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