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SubjectRe: Networking gets extremely laggy after a random amount of time.
On Wed, 2003-11-26 at 10:58, Maciej Sołtysiak wrote:
> Networking gets extremely laggy after a random amount of time.
> Sometimes it is 5 minutes, sometimes 30hours, sometimes 5 days.
> By laggy, I mean that each connection that is established from or to
> the linux box (even on the same LAN) is very slow and jitters.
> It propably is NIC related, but I do not know how to investigate
> this. I have two 3com 3c905c-tx NICs. One of them is connected
> to the LAN, and the other is connected to a hub and is sometimes
> used to listen in promiscous mode to investigate traffic.
> I would appreciate any pointers on where to look for problems.

Whenever I've come across problems with multiple NIC systems the first
thing I check is the routing is what I expect. Use "route -n" and check
that your WAN traffic really does go straight to the WAN and your LAN
traffic is as you expect.

Is your local LAN connections laggy as well? If not it could be your
problems are at the WAN end (BB connection?).

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