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Subject2.4.20-18 size-4096 memory leaks
(hopefully plain text this time)

I'm seeing a constant leak in size-4096 on a machine running 2.4.20-18 SMP
BIGMEM, which might / might not be related to the machine finally going out
of memory and going into a hang.
I saw a discussion around similar problems in 2.6.0 (2.6.0-test5/6 (and
probably 7 too) size-4096 memory leak - )
and an ext3 patch was suggested by Andrew Morton.
From a brief look the code in 2.4 it seems like the patch might be relevant
here as well. Is the size-4096 leak a known issue for 2.4 ?
Is the 2.6 patch applicable in 2.4 as well ?
Yuval Yeret
Yuval at exanet dot com

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