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Subject[PATCH] serial.c 2.4.23 uart_offset fix
Hi Marcelo,

The serial driver has a default of 8 for the "board uart_offset" config that
is implemented at about line 3954 in a ternary expression. It is well and
good for boards that use I/O port space, but fails in the ioremap call at
about line 3965 for boards that use memory space. The bug is that when
uart_offset is zero, it does not actually get changed to the default value,
so the ioremap call is passed a zero length.

The following patch replaces the ternary expression with an explicit check
for zero and assignment to the default value. This works for both I/O ports
and memory space. --And it actually compiles a little smaller than the
existing code on x86!

Please put this in at your convenience after the rc's are done.


diff -urN -X dontdiff.txt linux-2.4.23-rc5/drivers/char/serial.c
--- linux-2.4.23-rc5/drivers/char/serial.c Wed Nov 26 16:23:45 2003
+++ linux-2.4.23-rc5-ml/drivers/char/serial.c Wed Nov 26 16:38:13 2003
@@ -3950,8 +3950,11 @@

port = pci_resource_start(dev, base_idx) + offset;

+ if (board->uart_offset == 0)
+ board->uart_offset = 8;
if ((board->flags & SPCI_FL_BASE_TABLE) == 0)
- port += idx * (board->uart_offset ? board->uart_offset : 8);
+ port += idx * board->uart_offset;

if (IS_PCI_REGION_IOPORT(dev, base_idx)) {
req->port = port;
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