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SubjectRe: Beaver in Detox! (compile stats)
Linux 2.6 Compile Statistics (gcc 3.2.2)
Warnings/Errors Summary

Kernel bzImage bzImage bzImage modules bzImage modules
(defconfig) (allno) (allyes) (allyes) (allmod) (allmod)
----------- ----------- -------- -------- -------- -------- ---------
2.6.0-test11 0w/0e 0w/0e 170w/ 0e 12w/0e 3w/0e 209w/0e
2.6.0-test10 0w/0e 0w/0e 170w/ 0e 12w/0e 3w/0e 209w/0e
2.6.0-test9 0w/0e 0w/0e 174w/ 0e 12w/0e 3w/0e 217w/0e
2.6.0-test8 0w/0e 0w/0e 178w/ 0e 12w/0e 3w/0e 219w/0e
2.6.0-test7 0w/0e 0w/0e 173w/ 1e 8w/0e 3w/0e 226w/0e
2.6.0-test6 0w/0e 1w/0e 188w/ 1e 12w/0e 3w/0e 260w/2e
2.6.0-test5 0w/0e 2w/0e 205w/ 9e 15w/1e 0w/0e 305w/5e
2.6.0-test4 0w/0e 2w/0e 797w/55e 68w/1e 3w/0e 1016w/34e
2.6.0-test3 0w/0e 2w/0e 755w/66e 62w/1e 7w/9e 984w/42e
2.6.0-test2 0w/0e 1w/0e 952w/65e 63w/2e 7w/9e 1201w/43e
2.6.0-test1 0w/0e 1w/0e 1016w/60e 75w/1e 8w/9e 1319w/38e

Web page with links to complete details:
Daily compiles (ia32):
Daily compiles (ia64):
Latest changes in Linus' bitkeeper tree:


P.S. All compile data should be posted by 5PM PST. It is still

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